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Weiser-Kunstler Feinherb Riesling

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So what? This tiny 4 ha estate is farmed organcially and biodynamically by four loving hands of Konstantin Weiser and Alexandra Künstler. They prove that an intimate relationship with each and every vines is translated in the glass. 

Importer Notes: The Riesling Weiser-Künstler, as it is referred to on the main label (the reference to the vintage is left for the back label), is a barely off-dry wine (with 14 g/l of residual sugar) made from Estate holdings. It offers a still rather backward nose made of ginger, pear, chalky minerals, and earthy spices. The wine proves beautifully playful and subtle on the nicely tart palate and leaves a juicy feel of minerals, herbs, orchard fruits in the finish. This is a great Estate wine!


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