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Our wine club is... a little different. Unlock a host of perks as we guide you through a meaningful (and fun!) relationship with wine and the leaders who are taking risks and shaking it up!

We want to pull you down the rabbit hole with us on a journey to the WHY of the WHAT. Each month, we will drink up all the buzzwords surrounding wine that we think matter most for the planet (and the soul!). We will explore themes like: sustainability, diversity, old vines, indigenous grapes, bad ass women, regenerative agriculture, native yeast ferments (did that just scare you - no! Hang with us… this is when it starts to get interesting…). Each month is a new So What pillar to unpack. 

More than anything, we just want to tell you great stories on the regular -- stories that have filled our glasses for years, moved us to tears, laughter, and lifelong friendships. We just... love them. And we can't wait to share them with you!

(Note: At this time, we only offer pick-up at our shop in Stillwater, Minnesota. We can only legally ship to a handful of states. Please inquire if you live out of state and are interested in joining the club!)

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