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So what?

To ask so what is really to ask why? Why does this matter?

At So What, we take out the guesswork for you and vet each and every bottle that hits the shelves and our clubs with this simple phrase in mind. Every bottle has a specific reason for being here. They are inspired and inspiring. They represent family, farms, and communities who show through wine how the tiniest shifts in decision-making can have an enormous impact in the greater world. Through our club, classes, and experiences, we want to write you into these stories. Who knows? They just might change your life.

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we have a club!

So What Wine Club is unlike most in that each month we want to sip and celebrate one 'So What' at a time. Let's crack open all the buzzy terms together, like old vines, bad ass women, Biodynamic farming, natural winemaking, indigenous grapes, minerality, and so much more! Still time to join for our 15% founder discount that can be applied to your entire wine purchase on pickup days, plus many more benefits as a club member.

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Taste the world from home through one of our upcoming classes

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Partager: A Journal

The Beauty and Intelligence of Old Vines

Feb 9, 2024

This month we get to hunker down and explore a topic that I hold close to my heart: that of old vines. Old vines hav...

Why so what?

Oct 24, 2023

‘So what?’ is a question that has held a beat in my mind since I was in high school. It began with a guy  – a trumpet...


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