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Vestini Campagnano Kajanero

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So What?

"In the region between Castel Campagnano and the Conca della Campania, an area where great wines have been made since Roman times, the Barletta family has developed their passion for historical grape varieties. Being the first winery to develop research on the almost extinct Pallagrello, red and white, and Casavecchia clones, make theirs the most unique project from the Campania region. The Vestini Campagnano project began in 1990 with garage style research and only a few vines growing in the backyard. Stimulated by the idea that Pallagrello once belonged to the noblest varieties of Europe and held in high esteem by the Bourbon kings, enabled the estate to enlist Luigi Moio as their scientific support. By 2000, Vestini Campagnano had planted vineyards based on the original viticultural material discovered here and was producing 6,000 liters of wine divided between Pallagrello Bianco and Pallagrello Nero, and Casavecchia, all Terre al Volturno IGT. Today owner Alberto Barletta has been joined by his sons, Amedeo & Luigi, as managers of this unique estate, and with the additional of enologist Paolo Caciorgna, who lends the finishing touches and great elegance to the beautiful wines made here!

'DESCRIPTION: Kajanero means ‘the dark wine from Caiazzo’, the town where these grapes are grown, creating a predominantly stainless steel treated medium weight red wine of clear southern Italian character.

'TASTING NOTES: Lightly spiced juniper notes, black current and cherry fruit, youthful and slightly rambunctious tannins, with just enough acidity to make this a lively experience."


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