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Stein Rose 2023

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So what?

Big fans of Stein around here. This guy is a genius. A true aesthete and wonderful palate. The wines simply stop you in your tracks. Ulli Stein finds broken, abandoned vineyards that are intensely difficult to cultivate... and he brings them to life. As gthe importer says, "No one – NO ONE – has met Dr. Ulrich Stein ( “Ulli”) without at least developing a slight crush on the guy. He is brilliant, passionate, incredibly fun, perhaps a bit manic and does nothing… nothing, that is easy or obvious." His passion and rigor come through in the beauty of his wines. 

This rose is not just another simply pink for pounding (though, I mean, you can do that easily with it). Loved what another shop (Folkways) said, "Everything about this wine shouldn't make sense: the list of red varieties that were for decades and decades verboten in the Mosel (Nazi wine law said so), the pale, delicate color, the fact that these grapes can all now ripen properly in the slate-driven soils of this river region, the insane sloped and terraced vineyards on which they're grown - and yet an affordable rosé is being made off of such difficult sites... But the good doctor Ulli Stein insists on giving us always what we didn't know we needed. Herby and floral, dried strawberry and rocks — put one in your car door and one in your fridge and keep them on rotation." 


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