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Stein Blauschiefer Trocken Riesling

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So What? Dr. Ulrich ("Ulli") Stein is a force. His vision and passion is unparalleled in his conquest of challenging, soulful parcels that he knows contain magic with a little nurturing. We are the beneficiaries of his curious, tenacious nature. 

This is a perfect introduction. The importer Vom Boden writes, "From his prime holdings in the village of Sankt-Aldegund from average vines of 60 years, ungrafted and on steep slopes. As the label indicates this wine is a calling card for Blue Slate (Blauschiefer), rocks pulverized into liquid form with a brisk and beautiful acidity. Totally dry or “Trocken”."

“Dr. Ulrich Stein is infamous for such lost causes as the reclamation of abandoned, frighteningly steep sites; and battling the entrenched 1971 German Wine Law. It seems, though, that he is more a David than a Don Quixote, because he has won them all.” – David Schildknecht, The Wine Advocate


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