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Pepiere Clos Briords Muscadet 2022

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So What?

"Clos des Briords is located on the hillsides of the river Maine, a tributary of the Loire. The site totals 4.40 hectares and the vines were planted between 1950 and 1989, with the vast majority of the vines between 50 and 70 years old. The soils are "granite de Thebaud" but do not fall within the Château-Thebaud cru designation (more on that terroir later). Only a small part of the oldest vines produce the Clos des Briords bottling.

50% of the estate’s vineyards fall within the cru limits, cru wines only represent an average of 15% of Pépière's annual production. In some vintages they will produce less or no cru wines at all if the quality is not there. Aging on the lees are always longer than the mandated 17 months, lasting a minimum of two years. But Marc, Rémi and Gwen have not been afraid to push it to 36 or even 48 months in some cases. All grapes within the crus not deemed up to snuff (again, around 85%) go into the the entry level La Pépie cuvée." - Importer Notes 


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