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Miloš Plavak Mali

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So what?

"The vineyards are extremely difficult to farm; steep 45 degrees slopes of ragged head pruned Plavac planted in pure dolomitic limestone. Handmade stone terraces and walls give the vineyards an architectural look that bring to mind a Japanese garden. According to Frano, “To experience, adapt to, and change to such an environment enables a person to understand the exterior climactic influences: the sun, the warmth, the light, the air circulation, the types and the amounts of the rainfall, accumulation of humidity in the soil and in the air. Plavac mali is a tie which puts all of these characteristics together and creates harmony; a very complex one.” Due to the extremely favorable conditions there is no need to spray for pests, however in May and June copper and sulfur are often applied. Frano believes that green harvesting unnecessarily traumatizes the vines during a critical point in their growth so vines are heavily pruned in the winter.

'Longevity is synonymous with the Miloš name. Collectors of his wines are still enjoying the youthful 94’ Plavac. According to Frano Miloš, “This wine is a pure reflection of variety and terroir from which it comes. It is typical for the Pelješac peninsula and our style of wine. It has a very thick aromatic profile with dark fruit, minerals, herbal notes with sage domination. Deep and slow to open. The flavor is rich and concentrated, balanced with soft natural tannins. Elegant and long living.” To that could be added that Miloš Plavac displays a distinctive note of black tea on the nose, and on the palate a savory saltiness that make it spectacular with a wide range of cuisine. From Korean banchan to fresh grilled sardines."


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