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Jeanne Gaillard Syrah Terres de Mandrin

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So what?

"Jeanne Gaillard, daughter of winemaker Pierre Gaillard, was forcibly introduced to the world of wine when she was a child. Jeanne had gotten caught for some mischevious act, and as punishment, was made to go work in the family vineyard. Her experience that day triggered a lifelong passion for wine!

Years later, she would end up studying sales and viticulture in Beaune, and would have internships at wineries in France and abroad. She was first employed by an estate in Burgundy followed by a winery in California.

In 2008, when she was 24 years old, she acquired 5 hectares in IGP Crozes-Hermitage and 8 hectares in IGP Collines Rhodaniennes, and has been managing them ever since.

This IGP Syrah comes from several plots with different characteristics.  In the Drôme, the scree (slope covered with small loose stones) of  Vercors was eroded by the Isère and Drôme rivers, creating a soil of rolled pebbles mixed with sand.  On the high plateaus of Ardèche and the Loire, eroded granite produces soft sands with good drainage.  The climate is temperate with regular, light rain.

Named for the French Robin Hood known as Louis Mandrin, and grown nearby the northern Rhone Valley appellations, this IGP expresses the fruitiness of young wines, all the while preserving the typical character of wines from this region.  This wine benefits from a bit less extraction than the appellation wines nearby, but it still expresses the fresh qualities and fleshy fruitiness associated with the Syrah grape variety.  Superb, with precision and elegance, a gourmet concentration highlights this Syrah’s spicy and smoky notes.  Pleasurable on the palate with an acidic finish, full of freshness and red fruit." - Importer notes


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