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i Clivi Ribolla Gialla

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So what?

"For some, tradition means repetition, uniformity, maybe even stagnancy at its worse. But tradition in winemaking is really just being consistent about one’s approach, philosophy, and ethos. For the Zanusso, they will never waiver from wanting to show grape and place over everything else. How they achieve that has evolved a little over the years, but only in as much as they better understand their vines and their home. Zanusso’s tradition has steadfastly pushed against dogma and embraced curiosity and wonder. Friuli arguably has a few distinct styles, and theirs has managed to not be squeaky polished, nor flashy and oak-forward, nor are they rustic. They tend toward earthy, fragrant, lifted, and also very defined varietal character. They have a soul. And perhaps that is the ’thing’ that stand out the most. 

They work with very old vines (most 60-90 years of age). They organically farm about 11 hectares planted mostly to indigenous varieties (as well as some Merlot) in Friuli’s two most heralded DOCs: Friuli Colli Orientali (8 hectares) and the Collio (3 hectares).

100% Ribolla from young vines on the Gramogliano Hills in Colli Orientali. Hand-picked, very light pressing, fermented and aged in stainless steel 6 months, 50ppm total SO2. An appetizing wine with inviting salinity, lemon peel, almond skin, and white floral notes." - Importer notes


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