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Geyerhof Stockwerk Zweigelt

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So what? This is a beautiful, vibrant red that dances on your palate. "The StockWerk wines pull from the younger vineyards in and around the village of Oberfucha and are usually from granite and gravel soils. These are also the cooler sites buffered by forests, grazing land for their cattle, and north-east facing. These are very much Heuriger/Buschenschank wines to us, in that they are made to have fresh with plenty of accordion and comfort foods. They are bright, happy, lower alcohol, and table wines in the best possible sense.

'Geyerhof organically farms roughly 20 hectares located on the hillsides around the winery. Promotion of beneficial species, sowing of nitrogen-absorbing plants, use of compost and rock flour for plant nutrition, and abstaining from the use of all pesticides, insecticides, botrytis and weed control substances as well as soluble mineral fertilizer are all standard practices. Loess and alluvial soil east of the winery (Gaisberg and Rosensteig), primary rock to the northwest (Steinleithn and Kirchensteig), and loamy soil to the south (Hoher Rain). 60% of the vineyard area is planted to Grüner Veltliner, 20% to Riesling, and the balance to Zweigelt, Weissburgunder, Chardonnay, and Gelber Muskateller. Recent clonal selections came from the famous Knoll vineyards. Asked if biodynamic viticulture has ever seemed to be a next step, Ilse says she doesn’t believe it to be necessary—bio is not a “step up” from organic, just a different approach."


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