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Delta Chardonnay

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So What?

I love the winery response when I reached out to them to inquire more about the sourcing of their fruit. They answered:

"Everything we do for Delta is sourced from sustainable or organic vineyards. It depends on the wine whether it’s sustainable or organic. Our Brut Rosé is 100% organic from Sonoma Coast for example, while currently our other wines are from sustainable vineyards. For us, sustainable relationships with the vineyard owners is just as important, and having a a longterm partnership where we can all support the local economies is just as critical as maintaining the land. We take a holistic approach to our businesses, hoping to support people as well as agriculture in all our decisions. 

This year we offset our carbon footprint of the winery (266 tonnes), buy buying carbon offsets through Cool Effect. We supposed a clean cookstove initiative in Colombia. This provided clean cook stoves for families in remote villages who normally sourced wood from surrounding forests. This #1 cleaned up the air in the home and made a more efficient cooking for them, and also protect the natural resources of the village by preserving the forests. Reducing our carbon footprint spans many aspects of our business past just farming in the vineyards, and we are always looking to get better, and evaluate every area of our impact as a winery."
This Chardonnay is easy and delightful, coming from cooler coastal vineyards. A hint of oak is in the background of ripe tangerine, yellow apples, honey, and creme brulee. 


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