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Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Lyserod

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So What?

"LYSERØD is the perfect alcohol-free alternative to a rosé. It is the driest version of Sparkling Tea, yet still smooth and round in its taste. You will experience intense aromas of red berries and red apples. A complex and comfortably dry taste follows, thanks to the Oolong tea, combined with hints of blackberries and hibiscus.

It’s all balanced by the smooth Silver Needle white tea and finished with light bitter fruity notes. The colour is a light pink rosé.

Silver Needle is the highest quality white tea available, and it is famous throughout the world for its impeccable flavour and aromatic fragrance. This premium white tea is grown in the mountains of the Guangxi Province (southern China) at an altitude of approx. 1,000m. above sea level.

When brewed properly, the resulting liquor of the Silver Needle tea will be a bright clear apricot colour with a strong fresh and aromatic aroma that has delightful floral nuances. The resulting flavour is very smooth and mellow with no astringency or sharpness, and a lightly sweet floral aftertaste.

Happy Valley Oolong tea from the second oldest tea estate of Darjeeling, the Happy Valley estate – and grown at an altitude of approx. 2,100m above sea level.  This organic tea is a very special one that combines the typical taste characteristics of Oolong with the distinctive muscatel notes of a Darjeeling.

Happy Valley Oolong is a unique pleasure for the tea lover as the characteristic Oolong taste combines beautifully with the distinct character of a Darjeeling, giving this tea a wonderfully nutty and fruity taste." - Brewery Notes


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