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Contini 'Tonaghe' Cannonau di Sardegna

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So What?

"For starters, it is the oldest continuously operating winery on the Island. Founded in 1898, the estate now boats four generations of family ownership, as well as 120+ years of operational know-how. The estate has remained true to their origins: even though Vernaccia di Oristano has fallen off the radar of international wine lovers, it is still a focus of the estate. The history of the Vernaccia grape, indigenous to Sardinia with no relation to any other common varieties, likely stretches back to the arrival of the Phoenicians in Sardinia 4000 years ago, and its first written mention was in the 14th century. The wine Vernaccia di Oristano was also the first DOC established in Sardinia in 1971. Referred to as an enological treasure by the Gambero Rosso, this wine, produced “sous voile,” is certainly one of Italy’s most unique vinous expressions! But beyond this, the estate also excels with both Vermentino and Cannonau grown in a variety of terroirs on the island. We’re proud to represent the CONtini estate in all of our local markets!" - Importer notes




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