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Boudignon Anjou Blanc

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So what? 

I am obsesses with these wines. Thibaud Boudignon is making some of my favorite wines in the world right now and hands down some of the best Chenin Blanc I have ever tasted. These wines are almost painfully mineral and intensely textured. They make my silver fillings ache slightly. But I can't get enough of them. Their is a stonefruit padded coating to the high flung acidity he achieves.

Thibaud farms organically and spends most of his time in his vineyards.  In the winery, he prefers slow cold ferments which begin with native yeasts. He uses a variety of barrels, including more Stockinger. He refrains from much SO2 and really doesn't touch the barrels during elevage aside from a little top off. Wonderfully elegant and engaging on the palate, these are for the die hard Chenin lovers out there. 


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