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Belasco Family Llama Malbec

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"Our Estate is 222 acres exclusively of Old Vine Malbec (100 years old in 2010), from original, French clones. Grown at the base of the Aconcagua Mountains (the highest peaks in the Americas), our vines harness the melted snow of the Andes to provide natural irrigation. For dryer years, we still maintain complete control of our growing techniques and are able to use drip irrigation from our on-sight reservoir. The rows are also planted as narrow as possible to one another to encourage a smaller more concentrated yield. These practices allow us to control our yields which are barely 1.5 tons per acre.

'[This is a] modern wine with attractive dark cherry-red color with violet hues. The nose shows great intensity. Fruity aromas of cherries, blackberries and plums stand out against a background of fine toasty hints from ageing in top-quality oak. Warm, rounded and well-structured on the palate, with an explosion of fruit flavors underscored by light oaky notes. Pleasant, persistent aftertaste." - Winery Notes


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