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Baudry-Dutour Le Petit Lieu Dit Sauvignon

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So What?

Crazy good Sauvignon Blanc that overdelivers on every level. We were thrilled to be introduced to this beautifully made wine from the Loire Valley -- the perfect grab when you want Sancerre and can't justify the hefty price. 

"The history of BAUDRY-DUTOUR is that of an encounter which dates back to 1993 when Christophe BAUDRY, owner of DOMAINE DE LA PERRIERE in CRAVANT LES COTEAUX, winegrower from father to son for long generations, welcomed Jean-Martin DUTOUR, recently graduated, which arrives in Chinon to take the direction of DOMAINE DU RONCEE. Very quickly the two winegrowers became friends, pooling their tools and their talents.

Conservation viticulture is based on agronomy and documented scientific knowledge. It is not against other systems, it tries to be “sustainable” that is to say, beyond quality production, to protect its environment (soil, air, water – living), its winegrowers, and of course the consumers.

She is primarily interested in the life of the soil and its vertical structure. Aurélien Schlienger, cultural manager of the property,, re-examined the usual practices, stopped plowing or systematic weeding to set up plant covers with varied root and aerial structures, a delicate balance to be found between cooperation and competition, the founding principle of permaculture  Living soil can autonomously and sustainably support quality production, capture carbon and store it. A virtuous circle is then established between the soil, the vine and the atmosphere." - Importer Notes


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