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Aldo Rainoldi San Gregorio Valtellina Rosso

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So What?

These beautifully fragrant Nebbiolos (Chiavennasca) from Valtellina come from a winery that had its vision begin in the 1920s. At this time, Aldo Rainoldi began as a wine merchant promoting wines of quality from the region. His son joined him in the 50s. Then, in the 90s, his son (Aldo's grandson of the same name) went the winemaking route with the environment top of mind. 

This winery has a whole section dedicated to their responsibilities on their website. We think that is important term, highlighting the call to action we must answer to as growers, winemakers, and even wine merchants. From no-till practices and composting to lighter bottles and hydroelectric energy, the Rainoldis are continuously examining how they can improve their methods for those who work for them and the greater planet. 

This is their introductory wine that beams with the red crunchy fruit only alpine Nebbiolo can - tart red cherry, cranberry, and rose, these lifted bright aromas are met with thirst-quenching fruit and surprising suppleness of tannin. A stunner. 


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