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Vuelta Espana: Tasting through Spain’s Epic Cycling Race

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We had so much fun with the Giro d'Italia in May, we wanted to sip through another epic bike race through the lens of the world's third largest wine producer: Spain.

Spain has a fascinating wine history. It is really only in the past few decades we have seen more artisan productions sprout up along with a mission to reclaim and restore old vineyards and indigenous grapes. We will discuss this and taste a good mix of classic regions as well as some of the more exciting new areas that are gaining the attention of the world. Spain offers a wide range of grapes, terrain, traditions, and styles. We cannot wait to take you through Portugal (the race does, in fact, actually start there), Galicia, Bierzo, Rioja, Madrid, and Andalusia. You will be tasting a range of whites, reds, rose, and sparkling selections. 

Of course, this will all be to the backdrop of the Vuelta -- Spain's famous world tour cycling race. We will be tasting through areas where the Vuelta will be going through -- we will be sharing maps, race itineraries, and learning about the race's history, route, and the regions selected for the 2024 race. 


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